Making It Easier To Explore

In September 2018, Alachua Conservation Trust and local tech company Collective Labs released a trail finding App called “Alachua Outdoors.” Funded by a Visit Gainesville-Alachua County tourism grant, the Alachua Outdoors App runs on both Apple and Android smartphones and assists visitors and county residents alike with choosing and locating good places to hike, bike, and enjoy the outdoors. 

The Alachua Outdoors App helps park visitors find trailheads, parking, and trails on public lands all over Alachua County. If visitors to or residents of Alachua County want a short trail to walk with their dog or a long trail run in the forest, the Alachua Outdoors App can help them navigate to the right trail. In addition to finding trails, parking areas, and bathrooms, users can use the Alachua Outdoors App to search specifically for dog friendly, kid friendly, and cycling trails. Users can also navigate trails in real time.

Alachua Outdoors Logo.png