Women In The Woods Internship

In the summer of 2017, ACT effectively doubled the size of its existing land management internship program with its inaugural Women in the Woods internship that provides a skills-based program for female students and recent graduates seeking experience in the natural resource sector. Recent statistics on the status of women and girls in our region indicate that the number of females employed in the natural resource sector is extremely low – the lowest of all sectors surveyed. ACT’s goal is to offer a solution to this under-representation through its Women in the Woods program by equipping women with practical, hands-on land management and conservation skills so that they may wield this experience with confidence and utilize their internship as a highly beneficial reference tool for acquiring employment in the conservation and natural resource management fields.

So far, students in the program have had a variety of academic backgrounds, majoring in Wildlife Ecology, Forestry, Environmental Science, Natural Resource Conservation, Wetlands Ecology, Environmental Engineering and Sustainabilities Studies. At ACT they gain valuable hands-on experience and develop essential skills while assisting staff with every day land management tasks and helping to accomplish many of the larger projects on ACT’s preserves.

In addition to hands-on learning, ACT interns have had the incredibly valuable opportunity to meet with and learn from some of our local professional Women in the Woods!  At special “mentor luncheons,” natural resource professionals share a variety of career experiences and real-world perspectives as women in the field of land stewardship. Interns have the opportunity to ask questions and often get to tour managed lands.

If you're interested in becoming a Women in the Woods intern, follow the click through below.