Awards & Excellence

ACT’s award winning staff.

ACT’s award winning staff.

2019 Conservation Organization of the Year

At the Florida Wildlife Federation’s Celebration of the Wild and Annual Conservation Awards banquet held June 22, 2019, Alachua Conservation Trust received the honor of being named the 2019 Conservation Organization of the Year. This was in recognition of ACT's long track record of tremendous conservation achievements, particularly the more than 2,500 acres that ACT has been able to conserve during the last 12 months. This is due to the unwavering support that you have given to the organization over the last 30+ years. During the acceptance speech, ACT's Executive Director, Tom Kay, thanked ACT supporters and volunteers and stressed the importance of people taking conservation into their own hands - to continue to financially support conservation organizations, to volunteer their time to conservation efforts, and when possible to conserve their own lands through conservation easements or estate planning. With the unrelenting pressures facing Florida natural resources and open spaces, this is the only way to ensure that we are able to conserve the best of what is still left unprotected in Florida today.

The Florida Wildlife Federation’s annual selection of conservation award winners is one of the oldest in the state. Award winners are chosen from nominations made to the Federation’s Board of Directors based on a nominee’s accomplishments on behalf of Florida’s fish, wildlife, and natural resources. We are grateful to the Florida Wildlife Federation's Board of Directors and staff and all of you who make our conservation work possible.

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