Nonprofit Operations Internship

ACT’s Nonprofit Operations Internships are a great way to become more familiar with the inner workings of an accredited land trust, gain real work experience with a nonprofit, and develop marketable skills.

These internships are semester based and require at minimum five hours a week of consistent work. The internships available each semester vary depending on project loads and availability of supervisory staff.

To apply for an internship please fill out the fields below, and send a resume along with a cover letter expressing your interest for a specific position (see below) to ACT’s Community Outreach Coordinator, Heather Obara, at


Each Semester ACT strives to provide internship opportunities for the following positions, but is sometimes limited in what positions are actually available. The information following each title is a snapshot of what tasks you might perform.
Please select one of the following when generating your cover letter:

  • Social Media (in charge of social media posts, event updates, generating content for stories, etc.)

  • Marketing (grant writing, corporate sponsorships, fundraising, etc.)

  • Editorial Intern (in charge of drafting, writing, and reviewing print media, covering stories, etc.)

  • Advocacy Intern (covers changes in policy, generates reports for partnership organizations, assists in stakeholder contact, etc.)

  • Outreach/Tabling (Jack of all trades, ACT advocate, consistent tabling, assists on special projects & mailings, etc.)

  • GIS (performs map analysis, analyzes project areas, creates reports on target conservation lands, etc.)

  • Legal Assistance (LAW STUDENTS ONLY- drafts conservation easements, reviews internal policies and procedures, reviews acquisitions, etc)


  • Spring: Recommended submission of application is during the second week of November through the first week of December

    • Start: The first week of classes in January

    • End: Exam week in April/May

  • Summer: Recommended submission of application is during the last week of March through the first week of April

    • Start: The second week of May

    • End: Last week of July

  • Fall Semester: Recommended submission of application is the end of April through the first week of May

    • Start: First week of classes in August

    • End: Exam week in November/December

Please note, ACT follows the UF calendar of courses.
If you have a holiday during UF/Santa Fe/etc. scheduled time off, the same rules apply for ACT.
Please do something fun and outside over your holidays…


Please read through all the above information. Applications will be reviewed during the recommended application period. If you apply early, we will appreciate your enthusiasm, but your application will likely get lost in the shuffle.

If you are unable to commit to an internship, but would still like to be involved with our organization please check out our event page to connect and volunteer.

Lastly, we truly appreciate your interest. Thanks for reading and good luck!

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