Size: 160 acres
Date conserved: 2002
Partner Organizations: Florida Communities Trust



Located in a fast developing part of the community, this land contains a large percentage of the floodplain and drainage basin for Blues Creek and its tributaries, which crisscross the site. The ravine features of Blues Creek are steeply incised stream banks that create a dramatic setting and unique seepage slopes.

The site has existed in its current state, with very little human activity onsite, for many decades. There has been no tree harvesting since at least the early 1980's, and the site has had no active management, or even regular monitoring. Despite this "benign neglect," much of the site is ecologically in nearly pristine condition. There are minimal impacts from invasive exotics, a few unobtrusive remnant logging trails, and a very small amount of debris, such as very old agricultural implements. Within the 160-acres of Blues Creek Ravine, there are no site improvements.

Blues Creek Ravine Preserve contains a number of important plant species such as the threatened crane-fly orchid and southern lady fern. The site also provides excellent habitat for several state listed species. The planned management activities are intended to safeguard the ecological integrity of the site and enhance conditions for maintaining biological diversity of both flora and fauna.


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