Size: 78 acres
Date conserved: late 1990's


The Saarinen Preserve was donated to ACT in the late 1990's by Arthur and Phyllis Saarinen for perpetual preservation.

The property has a mix of forest types. There are scattered natural stands of longleaf pine and live oak within about 40 acres of mesic hammock -- an upland forest type mostly consisting of hardwoods -- and there are a total of about 38 acres of slash pine plantation in two stands. The planted pines are approximately 17 years old, and some of the live oaks and longleaf pines may be more than a century old.

ACT has undertaken restoration activities that include thinning of the pine plantation and replacing it with native Longleaf pine. Other efforts will include creating conditions that encourage desirable species to seed in naturally, such as maintaining openings to encourage a more diverse herbaceous and wildflower layer. The ultimate goal is a forest that mimics the natural forest of north central Florida – a mosaic of pines with a wide range of hardwoods and shrubs suitable for the site.

Trail head address

3208 NW 186th ST
Newberry, FL 32609



• Public trails (approx. 2.6 miles) and picnic facilities are available.
• Parking is available at trailhead.
• Preserve closes at dark.

Trail MAP (click to download)